Dear Virtual City Users:

I'm very sorry to announce that as of Dec 15th, 2002, Aestheticism must discontinue its Virtual City hosting service. Over the past years, thanks to your support, we have experienced great growth. But now one of our three partners is leaving, and we no longer have the resources to support Virtual City or to provide an acceptable level of service to our visitors and clients.

After some discussion we have decided to discontinue the Virtual City service. This will allow us to concentrate our efforts on Aestheticism Cybershoppe and the Aestheticism main site. This also means that we'll now have the resources to add some long-promised services, such as a Yaoi Marketplace, and a link exchange.

Virtual City sites will no longer be available after December 15th and the server which hosts the Virtual City sites will be offline. All of you have sites on Virtual City.

The following sections of the site will NOT be affected, and will continue to be updated:

Your membership will not be affected.

Aestheticism Admin.