Mink is #1

By Jink.

There is much to be said about pieces of ass. For what hot anime characters don't pull off in a 39-episode hit TV show, volumes are written. There is also something about 5 boys fighting in skintight armor that screams for the huge pink triangle pasted on said hot ass. I am wondering if the Japanese don't know this.

Ronin Warriors and Yaoi are a match made in heaven and since the show's US premiere, bubbling crackpots of yaoi fiction have been generated. Some of it has been crowd-pleasing cum smut, some a long and drawn out angst fest, and some has been somewhere above that standard.

Thank you Mink for never once writing a substandard yaoi fiction.

What makes her fiction stand out are the care she places in writing every one of her fictions (some authors edit and some don't/won't/can't.) She took the ravishable paper dolls the TV show gave us and created 5 able to stand out in their own right as original and distinguishable characters. Both time period and character influence everything from their dialogue to their taste in clothing whereas many authors simply appoint today's contemporary style to each one. (And Mink can still remember the 80's) What befalls her characters (Seiji's cock) are always sure to inspire (or moisten) as are the detailed and well-thought out methods in which they occur.

Her versatility with many different issues and genres also make her fictions unique. Some have a forte for angst death fiction while others prefer lighthearted sappy boys kissing and holding hands. Mink has been there and done all that. What I personally love about Mink's fictions is that rather than write the undying fad of "first time" yaoi fictions, her characters are almost always in an established and set sexual relationship. She usually skips the middleman and goes straight for the interesting and developing period. I find distinct maturity in that aspect of her writing.

As previously mentioned, she has something for everyone. If a hard pumping penis is not your idea of love, there is BEGINNINGS, a touching short story about Ryo and Seiji's first meeting. It does not dictate their histories but it provides a very beautiful possibility. If gushy romance is your kitty's meow, SAI LOVE or SLEEPY RAZY BOYZ will whisk you away with an enchanting setting for two of Mink's gushiest characters. Is anything better than everyone's favorite pseudo-Brit kissing Rowan in a gauzy shrimp-lit grotto?

I didn't think so.

Or if that's too tame, maybe you like the idea of Rowan and Seiji entwined? SOMETHING BORROWED, SOMETHING BLUE is one of her finest erotic smuts. No plot, no point, just two hot boys having it out. What the fic lacks in weepy angst it makes up for in coyness, playful dialogue, and high heels. Somewhere we all want to be.

Whether your fetish be drag queens with razor tongues or innocent schoolboys, Mink has written it. And this is just her smut! (her non-smut is equally stunning)

Smut fic doesn't need development. It also doesn't need wit, it doesn't need tragedy, tears, flair or form. It doesn't need characters as long as they have the required body parts. Some fiction employs only one or two of these elements. Mink bothers to break many a yaoi smut rule and work them all into something wonderful.

Here's to Mink who's kept them cumming 4 years and running....

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