Higuri You Questionnaire

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Hello, Higuri You fans!

O-matase itashimashita: sorry to keep you waiting, but here at last are Higuri You sensei's replies to your questions (anke-to in Japanese, from the French enquete.) Because she's a very very busy mangaka-- see the question about her current works in progress for an idea of just how busy-- we had to boil all the questions we received down into a manageable number, so apologies if your particular question got lumped in with another or didn't make the cut. Now on with the show.

To make life easier, we have two versions, one with the original Japanese answers included for those who don't need translations (oh happy few) or who want to work on their Japanese comprehension; and one with just the English text to spare those without Japanese-capable browsers the pain of looking at great chunks of agitated typing errors.

Translation is by Jeanne, and all errors there are very much her own work.

With Japanese

English only