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Welcome to Aestheticism Fanfic Archive, a yaoi fanfic archive. Please visit the new recommendation page.

IMPORTANTTo access the NC-17 rated stories, you need to be BOTH an aestheticism member AND have submitted proof of age. Go here and follow the instructions to obtain your free membership and password

We also encourage you to share your favorite stories and authors with us in the guestbook. If you have any suggestions or comments on this new format, please send them to

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Submission Guidelines

If you would like to have your stories archived here, please send your story to  We accept only text and html files.  If you are sending the story in text please make sure that you have hard page breaks in the file. Please include the following information with your story.
  • Title
  • Series on which the story is based.  If it is not based on an series, write 'original'.
  • Rating.  We use the MAA rating system, ranging from G to NC-17.