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Note: Because some of our translations have been stolen for use by scanlators who claim to have authored the translations themselves, we are making certain items available to members only. We apologize for the inconvenience to other fans. Aestheticism is strongly opposed to scanlations and we do not wish our translations to be used for such purposes.

These translations are intended as aids for those who want to read Japanese Manga. They are not for sale or for commercial use. If you find the translations useful, please let the translators know that you appreciate their work. It's the only payment they get! ^_^

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Off site translations

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Author or Title Available From
CLAMP Works (X, Tokyo Babylon, Magic Knights Rayearth, etc.) CLAMP Manga Translation team
Higuri Yuu's Works (Seimaden, Ludwig II, Cutlass, Zeus, Gorgeous Carat...) Tae-Chan's Higuri Yuu Collection
Yaoi Translation Project now closed Yaoi Translation Project
Ayashi no Ceres Ayashi no Ceres Page
Earthians Earthian by Yun Kouga
Here is Greenwood No-brand Heroes' Greenwood Page
Kusatta Kyoushi no Houteishiki The Jungle
Matendou Sonata (Celestial Sonata) Matendou Sonata Page
NY, NY Translated by Mona.
Petshop of Horrors Petshop of Horrors Mailing List Archive
Please Save My Earth Anime C's Please Save My Earth Page
Revolutionary Girl Utena The Manga Translation Garden
Weiß Kreuz Aya's Weiß Kreuz Corner
Yami no Matsuei Theria's Translations
Zetsuai & Bronze Sabina's Translations,
ZetsuAi 1989, Translations to English from Chinese

Aestheticism Translations

The Aestheticism translators are Jeanne, Lynda, and Mimi.

Title Vols
Chokyorirenai no Kodoku (Solitude of the Long Distance Love) (members only) Vol 1
(Araiso Private High Student Council) Executive Committee Vol 2
G-Defend (members only) Vol. 1
Vol. 6 excerpt
God Child Vol 1 (part)
Gravitation Remix (members only) Vol 1
Hana To Ryuu Vols. 4-14
Happy Honey Life (members only) Chs 1&2
Kizuna: Gun and Heaven Part I
Part II
Part III
Last Waltz Vol 1
Vol 2 pt 1
Love Mode Vol 1
Otoko ga Otoko wo Aisuru Toki (When a Man Loves a Man) vol 1
Rika The Breeder/ Shiiku-gakari Rika (members only) Vol 1
Vol 2
Tetsu x Rika
(Minekura Kazuya's) Saiyuuki vol 1
Saiyuuki- Zero Sum vol.2 (act 6-10)
Jiip sidestory
Burial: Gojyo & Hakkai
Saiyuuki Gaiden Gaiden
Saiyuuki Gaiden- Zero Sum episodes Chs 9-16
Ch 17 Ch 18
Sekimatsu Darling (End of the Century Darling)(members only) Vol 1
(Minekura Kazuya's) Stigma Stigma
Wild Adapter vol. 1
vol. 2
vol. 3
Wild Fish (members only) vol 1