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Yuki Onna

Special Interest Section: YYH Fairy Tales

This section was inevitable, we suppose: Fairy Tales YYH style. You know, Little Red Riding Hiei and the Big Bad Youko, Kurama the Mermaid Princess, CinderHiei and his wicked step-sisters the Toguro Brothers, and so on. True to the original spirit of fairy tales, most are filled with sex and violence, so we can't present all of them here, but we'll bring what we can.


Yuki Onna

by Fuji Shinichi
 Yuki Onna: the Snow Woman yearns Kurama X Hiei. Funny.
4 pages

Kurama is the (beautiful but Abominable) Snow Woman, and Hiei the human boy she can't bring herself to kill. But it's a fatal attraction, as Kurama finds when he goes to claim his mortal beloved. Translated by M-chan.

550 pix wide



Little Red Riding Hood

by Fuji Shinichi
 Akazukin pic: Akazukin in her hood

Youko X Hiei; Kurama X Hiei. Funny.
8 pages

Hiei is Akazukin-chan, on his way to Grandmother's with a basket of goodies. Uh-oh, though--not only is the Big Bad Youko lying in wait for him, but somebody else has buried Grandma and put on her clothes. Dark humor warning. ^^;; Translated by W-san.

Spicy means rated R SPICY  Rated R for language and implications.

500 pix wide



The Little Match Girl

by Fuji Shinichi
Match Girl pic: LMG shivers

Kurama X Hiei. Funny, kinda sweet.
9 pages

Hiei is the LMG, shivering in the cold and staring forlornly into the windows of rich folks. Never fear, though, rescue is on the way, in a rather radical departure from Andersen. Which is good, because we were ready to cry. Translated by K-san.

500 pix wide



The Mermaid Princess

by Fuji Shinichi
Mermaid Princess pic: Mura Mura

Kurama X Hiei. Funny.
12 pages

Kurama is the princess and Hiei the unfortunate prince she longs for, in this parody of The Little Mermaid. Beware: contains an in-joke about seiyuu. Thanks go to S-chan, K-san, Jeanne, and Hitoshi Doi's voice actor database for helping us get the scoop on all of them.

Spicy means rated R SPICY  Rated R for language and implications.

500 pix wide




by Fuji Shinichi
Cinderella pic: Hiei in ball gown 

Kurama X Hiei, funny.
11 pages

Woe is Hiei; he can't go to the ball along with his step-sisters the Toguro Brothers. Fairy Godmother Kurama fixes that, but Hiei's idea of what to do at a ball differs a bit from tradition. Prince Yuusuke doesn't get the girl, but at least there's a happy ending. Translated by K-san.

500 pix wide



The Little Mermaid    

by Tsuta Hiroko
Mermaid pic: Yuusuke as prince

Yuusuke X Hiei, Kurama X Hiei, Yuusuke X Kuwa. Funny.
15 pages

Another version! This time Kurama and Hiei are both mermaids, and Yuusuke is the prince Hiei follows to land. Kurama isn't letting Hiei get away that easily, though, and follows to fight for his fishy lover.

Spicy means rated R SPICY  Rated R for language, implications, and a racy picture.
Note: This story has been edited for the general side. Two lines have been slightly altered to make the language better conform with general section requirements.

500 pix wide



More Fairy Tales to come!

Hello from Wonderland by Fuji Shinichi


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